Why I bought the Rikon 10-324TG, and you shouldn’t

I bought the Rikon 10-324TG recently after a long period of research and comparing it with other brands. These are my notes.


Why Rikon instead of Grizzly?

Actually Rikon wasn’t my first choice and I was looking for a bandsaw around a $500-800, such as the Grizzly g-0555LX. That model was on sale for $595.

Max cutting height

This is my first bandsaw, so I’m not that familiar with them. But many people recommend you should buy as big a bandsaw as you can. But there is an option to use a riser block ($94.95) for the Grizzly G-0555LX. However some people mention the riser block drifts during cutting. Another concern is if I don’t buy the riser block first, I need to buy 105″ blades when I add a riser block. The blade length is 93″ without the riser block. The price with the riser block is $689.95.

Rikon 10-324TG’s max cutting height is 13″ without any riser block but the price is $999.

Supporting blade size

Grizzly G-0555LX can use 1/8″ to 3/4″ wide blades.

Rikon 10-324TG can use  3/16″ to 3/4″ wide blades.

I want to use a narrow blade to cut smaller circles. The Grizzly G-0550LX looked better for me, but I found some people can’t get right with 1/8″ blade on the G-0555LX. Also some people have issues with the 3/4″ blade. I should expect 3/16″ – 1/2″ blade is the best result. Rikon 10-324TG also has the same issue for the 3/4″ blade. The supporting blade size is even but 10-324TG is more expensive. If I need to cut a tight curve, probably I should buy a scroll saw.

Horse power

Grizzly G-0555LX is 1 HP

Rikon 10-324TG is 1.5HP

I really don’t know how much horse power I need.


220V support

Yes, the both.


The table

Grizzly G-0555LX: 14″ x 14″

Rikon 10-324TG: 21-1/2” x 15-3/4

The 10-324TG is quite big.



Grizzly G-0555LX has a fence and a miter gauge.

I tried to find the miter gauge review, but I couldn’t find any review. It’s nice to have it, but I also don’t know what I need. Many people mention an accessory miter gauge is not good quality.


Rikon 10-324TG only has a fence, no miter gauge.

But the fence is tall and good for resawing. I’m not sure how much resaw tall lumbers though. They’ve upgraded it to a longer fence bar and tool-less guide (probably TG means Tool-less Guide).


What about other brands

Probably the Grizzly G-0555LX is a better for me so far, but it comes with a lot of compromises. Let’s check other brands again.


The price was over $1000. The deal price is $999 sometimes. Still feels expensive to me. Woodcraft had a deal of $999 + free shipping the end of August 2020.
<Update> I should’ve bought this instead of Rikon.

Jet JWBS14:

The price is $799.99, but there is no fence or miter gauge. There is a riser block for this. I feel Grizzly G-0550LX is cheaper from the specs.


Laguna 14/12

The price is $1199 and it’s over my budget.


Hidden cost for newbies

Still the Grizzly G-0555LX is a better option for me. I added the raiser block and proceeded to my cart. But I was surprised the shipping fee and track liftgate service fee. The shipping fee is $99 and the liftgate fee (to lower an item from truck to ground) is $34. I was expecting some shipping fee but I’ve never bought a heavy item like this before. I didn’t know about the liftgate fee at all. This is not a $600-$800 item. It’s almost a $900 item purchase. I couldn’t click the place order button.

Body $595
Raiser Block: $94.95
Shipping: $99
Liftgate: $34

Total: 822.95 + TAX = $893.02

The Grizzly store is far from here, so I have to pay for shipping and the liftgate.

What other stores have those fees?


Shipping: $200 (They do free shipping deal sometime)

Liftgate: $0



Shipping, liftgate: $0

Rikon 10-324TG was $974.99 at that time. It’s $877.4 today (Aug 13 2020)



Shipping: $75 (it might be affected by a free shipping code somehow, a code shows up in my purchase history)

Liftgate: $0


During this shipping research I found Rockler.com was doing a deal for the Rikoh 10-324TG. There was a $100 discount. That means it was $899. And it’s a 1 hour drive distance to Rocker store from where I live. I called them, but they didn’t have it in stock and didn’t know when they would have it in again. It sounded like I would have to buy it online, but the shipping fee is cheaper and no liftgate fee.


The bottom line

Grizzly G-0555LX: $893.02
Rikoh 10-324TG $1060.45

The difference is $167.

Grizzly G-0555LX comes with a lot of compromises. The 1/8″ blade may not work well, the riser block makes a drift, the shipping/liftgate fee is not cheap, it has 0.5HP less, it doesn’t have a nicer fence, and the table is smaller.  Can a $167 difference beat the negative points? Probably not.

I don’t want to regret those negative points in the future. Especially if I’m going to use it for many years. I may have to resaw lot, may need more space on the table, and may cut hardwood a lot. I can afford the extra $167 now.


Why you shouldn’t pick the Rikon bandsaw?

Please please check my story after purchasing before placing your Rikon bandsaw order.


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