Rikon, my bad lucks and pre-review

I bought the Rikon 10-324TG. It was finally delivered after 1 week from the order (2020.07.29 from Rockler and received 2020.08.07), but a few things happened with this item before writing a review. I made a few notes.


Bad luck 1

I started assemble the base frame. But the top frame had a defect that doesn’t align the holes with the leg. It looks like someone bent it in a bad place. The left side was close to 1″ in height, but the right side was only 3/4″ high.

The result is this. The top plate hole and leg hole didn’t align.


I contacted Rikon technical support Friday when I received the bandsaw, and sent the above pictures to them. They asked for the serial number. I couldn’t take out the bandsaw from the box. It was difficult to find it because it was on the back of the top wheel box. They shipped a new top frame via Fedex, but their location is in Massachusetts. It took 1 week to deliver the replacement to where I am in Colorado.


Bad luck 2

Finally I received the new top frame that was well wrapped within a large box after 1 week. But the hole layout of the top frame was different than mine. The new top had two holes but my leg has only one hole. I checked the Rikon website’s pictures. It seems like the newer version has two holes on the side, and one hole on the front. Probably mine is an older version.

Just in case, I screwed two holes on one side. Obviously the other side hole didn’t match.

The left is the original one, the right one is the new one (below).

I sent an email to my support contact again Thursday night. It’s Friday night now and I still couldn’t receive any response from them. Maybe I should also contact Rockler, the store from which I bought it.


<Update 2020.08.26>

I forwarded my email that I sent Thursday night to the support email address Friday evening. Rikon support didn’t respond by Monday, so I called them Tuesday. They said my contact person left the company, but it seemed like they knew about my frame issue. They said they will send Legs+bolts or the old design top frame to me that day, if they could find either one. They shipped new part(s) Wednesday but I don’t know what they sent. I asked for express shipping but they used standard shipping. It  will arrive next week.


<Update 2020.08.31>

Finally I received the package. The inside was a the top frame. All hole locations are aligned. I could assemble the frame and put a bandsaw on it. By the way, I felt the old top frame is lighter and thicker than the newer version.


Bad lucks are still continue.

Bad luck 3

I started assembly but I noticed a crack around the table pin. I cleaned up but there was 1″ size deep rust on a corner and big oil stain that I couldn’t remove well.


Bad luck 4

I noticed something weird space of blade guide bearing during a blade adjustment. I screwed both the left and right well, but the left bearing has a lot of margin.

And I unscrewed the both. The left screw is obviously longer than the right screw.

I send email the customer support again (2020.08.31).

I watched and read Rikon bandsaw reviews. Everybody said, the blade was aligned after opening the box. But in my case, When I rotate a wheel, the blade was shifting to forward. I changed the angle of the upper wheel. The shifting doesn’t stop. It seems like I have to adjust the lower wheel. Hmm, something weird.


<Update 2020.09.02>

I didn’t receive any reply from Rikon yet. I’m going to call them tomorrow AM. I always forget they are in the eastern time zone.


<Update 2020.09.03>

I didn’t get a call to Rikon today. It seems like they didn’t check my email that I send 3 days ago but the guy said he can send new screw and new cast iron table.

Tips: You must call them when you send an email to customer support. Don’t expect they reply back to you.


<Update 2020.09.10>

I was waiting to receive Fedex shipping email, but I couldn’t receive. And I contacted the person who sent me a parts order list last week. He said, those items are out of stock and they looking for them. Seems like they don’t tell a customer the situation. I asked to replace the whole bandsaw or take those parts from a new box. But it seems like RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) request will takes 1 week at least. And I asked to process the fastest way.


<Update 2020.09.11>

I realized I told a wrong purchased date to Rikon, I correct my mistake and Rikon shipped those replacement parts today. They said they don’t have the cast iron table yesterday though. Anyway I have to wait 1 more week. Hopefully, this is the last. And I will be able to start writing a review finally.


Bad luck 5

Sadly I have to keep update this post. I received a box from Rikon today (2020.09.17). It looks ok for the table top, but I couldn’t find the screw (bolt?) for a blade guide. I found a big tear under the box. It may drop somewhere. I have to contact them again again again again. It seems like I can’t start writing a review about 10-324TG yet.

<Update 2020.09.18>

As usual, I didn’t get any response from them and called today. It seems like they are working on my request. After the call, I received their response email. And They shipped after 30 mins on the call. I wonder how works other maker’s customer support. I could buy JET’s 14″ bandsaw with similar price from woodcraft deal. I could’ve had the same bad lucks?


Definitely, I won’t buy anything from Rikon anymore. I will wait other brand’s deal. Rockler is also bit skeptical from this experience. Why they had such an older model that has a different design of base, and rusty cast iron top.


Bad luck 6

Yes, it didn’t finish of my bad lucks. They sent a huge screw (the left one in below picture). I need the right one. I sent the above screws length comparison picture (the 2nd picture of bad luck 4) to them before, and I received this huge unknown screw. What is this? are they mocking me? (it turns out the screw is for the fence)

Don’t buy Rikon tools unless you have a plenty of lucks.

<Update 2020.09.24>

I called them and they shipped the correct screw (they calls ‘handle’). They sent a picture of the new screw before shipping. I noticed during the phone call, they are talking about my screw based on 10-326 parts name. I felt they are not managing 10-324’s parts separately. Probably, 10-324 is lower grade of 10-326, the mostly parts are the same. If I bought 10-326, I could avoid this bad lucks. Well, If I bought JET or other bandsaw, I could avoid this bad lacks.


Bad luck 7

Yes, it still continue!

I received the package today (2020.09.24), but the screw is still bigger than what I need. The left one was delivered. It looks similar size of the screw holds entire blade guide. It past their business hour and I send email AGAIN.

Their bandsaw comes with 5 years warranty, and the support quality is like this. I should’ve request a whole bandsaw replacement before.


<Update 2020.10.07>

They sent an invoice me September 29 but it’s not arrived yet. Where is my screw? I sent email to get the tracking number after 3PM(MT) but no response as usual. I’m going to call them tomorrow.


<Update 2020.10.13>

I always remember to call them after 3PM (MT), but I could remember it before 3PM. And I knew that my last request wasn’t processed. It seems like a guy who was my contact person is not working there anymore. And no one inherited my request. They are going to ship my part tomorrow. I really got tired this company.


<Update 2020.10.16>

Finally I received the correct part. It took two and half month. The last support person quickly sent the correct one. Still, what is this company doing?

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